The Yekoochet'en People

Yekooche First Nation currently has about 227 members with approximately 120 living in the village and the rest living in Fort St. James, Prince George and in other areas.

The Yekooche First Nation is governed by a democratically elected Chief and Council, which includes three Yekooche councilors and one chief. General elections are held every two years with the next election scheduled in the fall of 2009.

We are rebuilding our heritage of arts and crafts, creating a new foundation by building the skills of our youth for the future of our nation


Our Elders

The Elders are an important part of Yekooche culture. They are important for their knowledge, wisdom, story telling, language, and teaching of traditional culture. They know the medicine and won’t let it die out, they’ll keep it going and pass it on. They have their own way of taking care of something without harsh punishment and are often consulted for advice on important issues.

The Elders are strict in the potlatch system. The potlatch is important to Elders, and they are passing it on to the young people to know which clan they belong to. Potlatches are held for different reasons. We have potlatches to pay whoever takes care of a person who has passed away and their family. Sometimes a potlatch is held for someone that’s changing clans or as a welcome for someone who is joining our Band as a new member.