The Yekoochet'en (people of Yekooche) have lived in the Stuart Lake area for thousands of years.

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Hadih! Ts’uhoont’i’ whusainya!

Hello and welcome to the Yekooche First Nation Website. We are a small and strong Dakelh nation, whose traditional territory connects Stuart Lake, Lake Babine and Cunningham Lake in northern BC.

We have a membership of approximately 225 members with roughly 100 living in the main village and the rest living in Fort St. James, Prince George or beyond.

As a proud member of the British Columbia First Nations we are working towards our independence by investing in education, cultivating business partnerships and celebrating the rich heritage of our language and culture. This site is our face to the world with information about our people, land, administration, and culture.

Our Vision:

We are a healthy, vibrant, strong and prosperous community; where people believe in themselves and the power of our dreams, and work together in unity to achieve them.  We are fluent in our Dakelh language; connected to the traditional ways of our people; and gather, hunt, fish and cultivate food from this sacred land we belong to and care for.  We are also supporting the long-term self-sufficiency of our community by investing in sustainable economic development on our territory.

Our Mission:

We are rebuilding our heritage of arts and crafts, and creating a new foundation by building the skills of our youth for the future of our nation.

Currently the Yekooche First Nation is not affiliated with any tribal councils or treaty groups.  For more information about our people, click here!

Thank you for visiting! Mussi cho!