Our Future

Despite their past experiences, the Yekoochet'en have succeeded in maintaining their dignity and their hope for the future. With treaty negotiations well under way, the Yekoochet'en hope to secure a permanent land base for their people, preserving their way of life and adding new opportunities for their community through employment and business opportunities.

The Yekoochet'en are interested in creating working partnerships with local industry for further development of their lands and resources. With this in mind they have implemented training programs, seminars and workshops for their members in the areas of life skills, business development, business planning, administration, as well as fisheries, mining and forestry.

To improve living conditions and institute a better quality of life for all band members, the chief and council have put in motion several action plans including the Physical Development Plan and the Community Transformation Plan.

Management training workshops

The Physical Development Plan (PDP) for the Yekooche community is a federal requirement and is updated every five years to reflect the community's changing goals for infrastructure, housing, community facilities and land use planning. The current PDP for 2003 examines various developmental issues including:

  • Community Profile
  • Yekooche Planning Process
  • Population Profile
  • Community Housing
  • Yekooche Health and Safety Plan

The Yekooche Community Transformation Plan (CTP) is a process focused on the integration of social programming and services with all levels of physical infrastructure and development.


Developed to alleviate some of the more prevalent social problems in the community including substance abuse, boredom and depression among the youth of the community and a high level of mistrust for outsiders, the CTP has already seen some major successes and changes through implementation of various programs and services including:

  • Initiation of a Health and Wellness committee who have developed a Community Health Plan
  • On site RCMP officer who chairs the Restorative Justice Team and delivers various workshops on safety.
  • Headstart program providing family day care
  • Employment of community development worker
  • Youth Development and Recreation Strategy
  • Arts and crafts classes for students and other community members
  • Economic development
  • Life Skills and Literature Program
  • Community Learning Centre - one on one computer instruction

The Community Transformation Plan has given the Yekoochet'en the direction they need to support their future goals and vision for education, health, social programming and economic viability. It's implementation has resulted in a noticable improvement in the overall well being and quality of life in the community empowering the Yekooche people to come together in a positive manner to make important decisions for themselves and their community.




Yekooche First Nations is located in North Central British Columbia
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