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Yekooche Land Tour

The Yekooche First Nation Treaty Team just recently hosted a Land Tour for the Federal and Provincial Treaty Negotiators.  The group toured, by boat and land, areas of significance on Stuart Lake, Cunningham Lake and Babine Lake.  Two Youth from the community were invited to come along and keep a journal of the experience.  All parties expressed that the four day tour was a success.

Land Tour
Journal of Bonnie Joseph

Names on Tour
Dean Joseph, Adrian Joseph, Ralph Joseph, Bonnie Joseph, Ben Clermont, Pamela Miller, Rob Diaz, Bob Reiter, Partner Schielke, Maybelline John, John Paul Rankin, and Paul Paterson.

August 22, 2006

We left Yekooche at 8:00am Tuesday morning and some of us walked on the trail out to the lake by the graveyard way, and we all rode in two boats on

Yekooche Lake.  We saw a deer and young eagle.  Ben found a watch in Mudbay.  In the cabin Pam saw a packrat on top of her head.  We also went to my grandparents island to have lunch and camfire tea.  After that we all went to Sandy Beach.  Then after that we all arrived back to Yekooche Lake about 3:20pm in the afternoon.  So we all had fun today. I hope we all have fun tomorrow too in Babine.  When we went to my grandparents island to have hotdogs and tea and coffee we all built two rock men to leave our mark.  We video taped everything on this trip.  We asked them questions. Their enjoying

everything we do everyday.

August 23, 2006

Leaving Yekooche at 8:00am.  Maybelline couldn’t make it today because she’s too stiff to come today.  We are going up the river.  The river of Babine Lake.  We are going to have a fun day up here.  After that we are going up to the fishes where they did that in Babine Lake.  We see rats and ducks.  We drop Rob, JP, Paul at some kind of land on Babine Lake, a land where doing the fishes.  Jason Joseph is driving us around on Babine Lake.  We

are all enjoying ourselves.  This is beautiful; do this kind of things like this more often.  O.K. now we are making our way back down the river now.  Now we stopped to do some fishing for supper tonight.  Bob’s paddelling the boat across the river.  Now we are going back to the cabin to have tea and coffee, lunch and a snack.  We arrived back at the cabin about 12:15pm in the afternoon. 
We are sitting around the cabin drinking campfire tea and coffee with Sally’s wonderful family in Babine Lake.  It’s a wonderful day, it’s sunny beautiful day.  Play good music too.  And we hike up on

Babine Mountain and we could see all the Babine too.  Down from the mountain its beautiful up here.  Nice view up here too.  Could see everything in Babine.  Our day is going wonderful this is a perfect day too.  Now we are going back down the mountain so it’s going to be fun.  We stop at the rest area place first place and after that we went across to 6 mile and did some fishing there too.  After that we went across to 4 mile and did some more there too.  We picked up some eagle feathers to on the island where we are doing some fishing.  So our day was wonderful.  We came back to the cabin for dinner and tea and coffee.  Rob catch

6 trout when we stopped to fishing area.

August 24, 2006

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning Cunningham Lake.  We are going to be walking in the old road to Cunningham Lake.  There’s some old cabin too.  This is going to be a good trip.  Now we are going to tour around the first meadow in Cunningham.  They are video taping around on Cunningham Creek in the first meadow and now we are leaving from here.  Now we are putting the boat in the lake and ready to take off up the lake. 

Adrian went up the lake with people in one boat and Ralph up with some of them in one boat.  Me and Dean stayed behind to watch camp and cook for them and make sure there is tea for them.  We also cut the grass too.  We are enjoying our day in Cunningham Lake.  I video tape everyone as they were coming into the cabin and ask them some questions about there tour of Cunningham Lake.  I hope they do this more often because I enjoy everything about it.  I enjoy the 4 days of this tour.  I had a good time.  There are tours out here today doing some fishing in the lake.  I hope everyone enjoys themselves out on this tour out at

Cunningham Lake.  And now I am just sitting around at Ralph’s cabin.  Be bored watching the fire burn and watching the smoke going up to the sky also nice and cool out here.

Journal of Maybelline John
Treaty Settlement Lands Tour
With BC and Canada Treaty Negotiation Team

For BC, Pamela Miller
Canada, Ben Clermont, Paul Paterson, John Paul Rankin
YFN, Rob Diaz, Bob Reiter

A three day tour of Yekooche First Nations Territory.

The territory Boundaries hold, Babine Portage, Yekooche on the Stuart Lake, Whitefish and the whole of Cunningham Lake.  Each is ideal for hunting, fishing, trapping.

Out on Stuart Lake, we visited, Mudbay island, a cabin belonging to Louie John still stands perfectly useful, some ancient Native rock paintings, Sandy Beach.  Very beautiful spending the day out on the lake, is like whole season spent.  For first time visitors, ash smudging is required for these traditional camps.





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