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The Yekooche First Nation is involved in negotiating a comprehensive treaty settlement within the British Columbia Treaty Commission six stage treaty process. The Yekooche First Nation entered into the treaty process in May 1995 and is now in Stage 5 of the process.

The Yekooche have identified a traditional territory within the BC Treaty process as outlined by the map in dark green outline with the number "52".



By working through the treaty process we hope to get back our own pride, our dignity, our self-esteem, and to stand up and say we can do it and we did it. We have always been under the dominance of others. Now we want to see if we can do it, how far we can go. We want to do things ourselves instead of someone telling us what to do and how to do it. We are learning how to do our finances, mining, forestry, land, so we will be able to do it ourselves. We are striving to gain back our independence.


YFN Treaty Team with
Provincial INAC Minister Tom Christensen


From left: Allan Joseph, Tom Christensen, Curtis Joseph, Dean Joseph



Yekooche First Nations is located in North Central British Columbia
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